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Can fidget rings really help relieve anxiety?

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Fidget rings are pieces of jewellery claiming to help people with anxiety, OCD and ADHD. Sound too good to be true? Experts warn it might be.

The makers of fidget rings, part of a wider category of so-called ‘anxiety jewellery’, claim they can help people calm and ground themselves in difficult mental health moments.

Despite internet searches for anxiety and worry rings increasing in recent years, a quick search of social media shows that most of the videos about them are from people either trying to sell them or influencers who’ve been paid to promote them.

We spoke to users for their verdicts. Here’s everything you need to know…

anxiety ring

What are anxiety rings?

Seemingly normal rings, they feature components that can be fiddled with like beads, rotating centres and other moving parts. While they might seem like another modern-day fad, anxiety rings are actually taken from the ancient Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice of spinning prayer wheels to calm the mind and body.

How do anxiety rings help with mental health?

Lauren French uses one to help manage her attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). She says: “It helps me focus better and be less anxious about fidgeting in person. Before getting the ring, I’d bounce my leg, twirl pens, play with my hair, doodle. I’d get worried that with such outward displays of fidgeting people would think I was odd. A ring is much more subtle, and it’s really helped.”

Nicola Rodriguez, who was diagnosed with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder five years ago, also found relief in her worry ring. “When I get anxious or feel panicky, I can play with the bobble on it without it being noticeable and it distracts my level of thought,” she tells me, explaining that it serves both as a distraction and a calming tool. “My son is autistic, and he has fidget toys for the same thing,” she adds.

The concept of fidget spinners and anxiety jewellery is one and the same, in fact Dr Ritz — a consultant counselling psychologist specialising in resilience, mental health and wellbeing who works at private hospitals and in the corporate sector — notes that they’re essentially an “aesthetic upgrade on fidget spinners”.

fidget jewellery

Are there any drawbacks to worry rings?

“They can be helpful for grounding exercises, but the problem is they’re often sold without and psychoeducation or teaching,” she says. “When it comes to developing tools and techniques for anxiety, a psychologist will often recommend a combination of therapeutic approaches.”

It’s unsurprising then, that one TikTok user, Tyler, posted a video saying: “I don’t know why I thought buying a ring would magically cure every problem I have going on in my life.”

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Anxiety rings are certainly no replacement for professional help. They may have their place within a more multifaceted approach, but Dr Becky Spelman, psychologist and founder of the Private Therapy Clinic, warns that distraction isn’t necessarily a good method for dealing with mental health, and believes there’s risks of “over-reliance on the ring as a coping mechanism and the possibility of it becoming a habit that may be difficult to break”.

Dr Ritz shares similar concerns: “They don’t necessarily address the root causes of anxiety. In therapy, we often work with clients to identify and understand the underlying issues contributing to anxiety, helping them develop more comprehensive coping strategies.”

Do anxiety rings have longevity?

Dr Spelman says: “There are always new anxiety-reducing tools appearing, from self-care journals to Himalayan salt lamps. Worry rings might be popular now, but their longevity for anxiety management is unclear. Some people may find long-term benefits, while others may seek alternative methods. Only time will tell.”

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