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Five beauty trends to look out for in 2023

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With consumer spend in the UK health and beauty market set to return to 2019 levels this year, we speak to the experts to find out what buying decisions will shape the sector in 2023. From an increased focus on ‘clean’ and ethical ingredients to ‘power contouring’ makeup, here are the beauty trends to look out for this year

Going natural

With more of us working from home, many consumers are opting to wear lighter make-up on days out of the house, stripping back their routine and using fewer products. Lisa Jordan, founder of LUNA by Lisa, says more people will make the shift towards a minimalist skincare routine in 2023: “Skin tints and lightweight complexion make-up will be key this year,” she says. “This includes make-up with skincare ingredients, sheer formulas, and ‘glazed donut skin’.” LUNA Airbrush, £21.60

LUNA Airbrush, a 3 in 1 primer, highlighter and tint, showcased against a white background.
Make a step toward minimalist skincare this year with LUNA Airbrush
Treat with heat

A natural part of the ageing process is the loss of volume in the chin area and under the jawline. Plastic surgeon Dr Angelica Kavouni predicts ‘power contouring’ will be a particularly popular treatment for this in 2023. “The changes to the neck are largely the result of looking down at a screen for a prolonged period,” she says. “As a result, the lower facial third may appear loosened and untoned.” Thermage FLX aims to tighten the lower face and neck by using radiofrequency technology to heat the deep, collagen-rich layers of the skin. Thermage FLX, £2,000 for full face treatment

Sustainable skincare

As the beauty industry continues to make strides toward sustainability, interest in clean beauty products will only intensify. “At Herlum, we repurpose floral waste from the perfume-making process to create our signature scent,” says founder Isadora Belfort. “This is a more environmentally friendly way to develop raw materials for fragrance use as it reduces the need to grow and harvest new materials.” Herlum also works with providers to ensure that the 100% natural ingredients are ethically sourced from the Amazon rainforest. Herlum Hand & Body Lotion, 500ml, £34

A bottle of Herlum Hand Lotion held up against a grey background.
Brands like Herlum are leading the charge toward cleaner beauty products


Immediate impact

One of the biggest demands of the modern age is instant gratification. Celebrity facialist Natasha Clancy of Kichi Studio predicts that this will continue to impact the beauty industry. “One of the most popular treatments set to explode this year is the BabyFace™ Facial from LaseMD Ultra.” LaseMD is a gentle treatment that uses a laser to create micro-channels within the skin. Clinicians then apply revitalising compounds of retinol, tranexamic acid, resveratrol and vitamin C. The result? “Glowing, revitalised skin,” says Natasha. BabyFace™ Facial from LaseMD Ultra, £325 per treatment

Smart beauty

Rosi Chapman, founder of Transformulas, believes technology will continue to influence beauty in 2023. Take Transformulas’ Flawless PhotoGlow, for example. The technology works by targeting fibroblast cells to deliver active ingredients into the skin, which results in less irritation as actives are delivered where needed. “I predict that consumers will start to see the evidence-based results of drone technology and look for products that harness it.” Flawless PhotoGlow SPF 30+ Lightweight Moisturiser, £76

A bottle of Transformulas’ Flawless PhotoGlow framed against a beige background.
Transformulas’ Flawless PhotoGlow targets fibroblast cells to deliver active ingredients into the skin
Words: Emma Gibbins

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