In the studio with Huda Kattan

Huda Beauty founder reveals her top skincare tips

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Social media star turned beauty entrepreneur Huda Kattan talks all things make-up and skincare.

Founded in 2013, Huda Beauty is now one of the biggest cosmetic lines in the world. Widely known for its extraordinary eyelashes and super-pigmented make-up palettes, the brand offers more than 140 products, which rake in some £200m in revenue each year.

The brain behind the brand is American-Iraqi businesswoman, Huda Kattan. After studying law in the US, Huda changed tack and started blogging about her passion for make-up. Just a few years later, her blog turned into a business and her YouTube subscribers now stand at a whopping 4.15m. Named as one of The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet by Time in 2017, listed as one of The Richest Self-Made Women and one of the Top Three Beauty Influencers by Forbes, her accolades are impressive and endless.

A key part of make-up prep is your skincare routine, so its little wonder Huda launched her own line, Wishful, last year — adding to the Huda Beauty offering. Here, she reveals her tips to keep your skin primed for make-up application, as well as clear and healthy after you’ve taken it all off.

The double cleanse method

When wearing make-up regularly, the key to retaining clear skin is washing it all off properly. “A double cleanse is a great way to make sure you’re removing all of your make-up and any excess oil from the day, while also cleansing the skin thoroughly,” explains Huda. “You should always use something that’s oil-based first, like our Clean Genie Cleansing Butter to remove your make-up as well as any build-up from the surface of your skin. Next, go in with a water-based foam, gel or cream cleanser to penetrate your pores and remove impurities.”

Huda’s line includes Yo Glow, an enzyme scrub that’s a brightening, skin-smoothing medley of acids and enzymes that gently lift away dulling dead cells. However, you must beware of over-scrubbing: “Listen to your skin,” she advises. “It will show you if what you’re using is improving or irritating it. It’s definitely possible to over-exfoliate, so always start gradually using a product once or twice a week and increase or decrease your usage depending on how your skin reacts.”

Make your own DIY natural face mask

“There are always so many new and often amazing ingredients appearing on the market, yet I always turn to the natural ingredients I’ve been using in my DIYs for years. These include rose, turmeric, honey, pineapple and aloe vera,” she says.

You can simply raid your kitchen cupboards: “One of my favourite DIY masks uses papaya and honey as it hydrates, brightens and exfoliates all at the same time.” You can whip this up with half a papaya blended with a tablespoon of honey.

Master the at-home chin lift

If face yoga isn’t your thing, a quick-fix mask could do the hard work for you. Research by Huda’s brand shows that 88% of men and women who tried the Wishful Chin Lift Sculpting Sheet Mask agreed their jawline appeared lifted immediately after use — something Huda says is due to the mix of ingredients (adenosine, peptides and niacinamide) combined with the woven cotton lifting tape that mimics the elasticity of the skin.

“First you start with clean, dry skin, then stretch the mask out lengthways by gently tugging the fabric at each end — this will ensure it fits around your chin snugly and comfortably,” she explains. “Next, starting at the chin and pulling upward, secure the mask around each ear. You can go about your day while leaving it on for 20 to 30 minutes. The result will be an instantly tighter and more snatched jawline.” And you can use this mask as often as you like.

“When I remember to, or have a little extra time on my hands, I continue my skincare down my neck and onto my decolletage,” Huda tells me. “The skin here is very fragile and is one of the first places to show fine lines and wrinkles, along with your face. I don’t exfoliate these areas as often as my face, but once a week is a good idea.”

Update your skincare routine regularly

If you’re currently investing more time in your at-home skincare regime, a few powerful additions could make all the difference. “I don’t do the same routine every day, because I feel like it’s important to listen to your skin, so I’m constantly adapting the products I use according to how my skin feels each day,” says Huda.

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