Three delicious vegan Halloween treats you can make at home

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With spooky season just around the corner, these plant-friendly treats will help take your Halloween celebrations to the next level

It’s late October which means our attention has officially turned to spooky season. From trick or treating to throwing a scary soiree, a hectic Halloween diary will quickly see you work up an appetite.

Whether you’re hosting a big party or keeping things casual, these delicious vegan treat ideas are guaranteed to bring the scare factor while keeping those hunger pangs at bay.

Stuffed pumpkin peppers

Savoury treats don’t come much more spook-tacular than these stuffed peppers, inspired by Eating Vegan With Me’s recipe, which come in the shape of carved pumpkins, oozing with a delicious mix of beans, quinoa and cheese. This recipe serves six but can be easily adapted to suit the size of your Halloween celebration.


  • 6 bell peppers
  • 250g quinoa
  • 200g black beans
  • 150g sweetcorn
  • 100g salsa
  • 1½ tsp taco seasoning
  • 150g vegan cheese


  1. Grab a small knife and cut off the top of each pepper in a zig-zag shape. Put the top of the peppers to one side (these will be your lids) and then remove the pith and seeds.
  2. Carve facial features into the outer layer of each pepper. Try cutting triangles for the eyes and an upside-down triangle for the mouth.
  3. Place the peppers on a baking dish and pour one quarter cup of water into the base of the dish. Cover with foil, poke some holes in the top, and then bake for 30 mins at 200C, 180 fan, gas 6.
  4. While the peppers are steaming and softening in the oven, create the filling. Combine the quinoa with water and bring to the boil. At the same time, mix the black beans, corn, seasoning, salsa and vegan cheese. Once the quinoa is cooked, add it into the mix.
  5. When the peppers are steamed and the filling is well-mixed, it’s time to combine the two. Splitting the mixture evenly, stuff the six peppers and place the zig-zag lids back on top. Feel free to add more vegan cheese as you go.
  6. To complete the dish, place the uncovered peppers back into the oven for a further 10 mins. This will warm the filling and melt the cheese, leaving you with a deliciously gooey and eerie-sistable treat for you and your guests to devour.
Chocolate dirt ports
Photo: Nourishing Amy

Nourishing Amy’s vegan and gluten-free sweet treats feature a combination of luxuriously rich mousse and crushed chocolate cookies and are guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser at any Halloween bash. The recipe serves six and is perfect for anyone looking for a fiendishly tasty snack that’s both vegan and gluten free. If you love the chocolate dirt pots, keep an eye out for Nourishing Amy’s new cookbook, coming out in January 2023.


  • 200g dark, dairy-free chocolate
  • 700g silken tofu
  • 160g maple syrup
  • Vegan chocolate cookies
  • Wiggly worm sweets, to garnish
  • Googly eyes (sugar sweets), to garnish


  1. Start to melt your chocolate over a medium-low heat. At the same time, pop the drained silken tofu into a food processer with the maple syrup and blitz until smooth.
  2. Once the chocolate has completely melted, fold it into the tofu mixture until silky smooth.
  3. Grab a clear glass for each guest and distribute the mixture evenly across the glasses before placing them in the fridge to chill for 15 mins.
  4. Once the mousse has set, decorate each glass to achieve the all-important ‘dirt’ vibe. Crumble the cookies on top, add the wiggly worms and googly eyes, and go wild with any other vegan treats that take your fancy before serving to your guests.
Monster apple bites

For those with limited time who are seeking maximum creepiness, these apple-based bites from Oh She Glows will hit the spot. Three or four ingredients is all you need to whip up a monstrously tasty treat that your guests won’t forget in a hurry.


  • Apples
  • Vegan jam
  • Peanut butter
  • Almonds


  1. Cut a straight line down each side of the apple core to create two wedges before cutting them both down the middle to make four pieces.
  2. Slice each wedge lengthways on the side of the skin – this should create an opening that will serve as the ‘mouth’.
  3. Spread your vegan jam or peanut butter on the bottom side of the apple wedge.
  4. Give your mouth some teeth by adding slithered almonds to your apple’s top and bottom row. The more gaps and sharp angles, the better your fang-tastic Halloween treat will look.

With help from Cath Kidston.

Words: Matt Figg

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