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Experience Antigua in ultimate luxury at this beach-front hotel

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Offering everything from snorkelling and island tours to full body wraps and beachside yoga, Galley Bay Resort and Spa, in Antigua, is 2024’s most luxurious destination.

For most of us, a lush tropical paradise with pristine sandy beaches and crystal-clear blue water is the stuff of daydreams. However, a holiday that includes swimming among vibrant fish, followed by beachside lunches gazing out at an endless blue isn’t as fantastical as it sounds. In fact, it’s achievable via an eight-hour direct flight from the UK.  So, when it comes to selecting a destination for your sunny sojourn, Antigua is a pretty good bet — possibly even the best.

Surprisingly accessible (for the Caribbean), an eight-hour flight doesn’t seem so bad compared to the lengths it takes to reach the likes of Australia and the Maldives. Coral reefs, sandy beaches and incredible heritage sites await in Antigua — and Galley Bay Resort and Spa has all of this in abundance.

An island paradise awaits travellers in Antigua

The resort

If you’re holidaying on this idyllic island, booking a hotel on the shoreline with views of its tropical greenery is the best way to ensure that you’re taking it all in. Located on the Caribbean coast among its acres of verdant gardens, Galley Bay sits in a prime position to make the most of Antigua — cocooned in a bubble of intimate luxury. This exclusive hotel offers guests the gift of ultimate privacy — as the resort spans an entire ¾ mile beach.

But while we all seek luxury and the exclusivity that privacy brings, it’s equally important to not be too far from the action of the island, and that’s exactly what makes Galley Bay so unique.

As well as offering intimacy through its vast grounds, the all-inclusive resort is just a short distance from heritage sites such as the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda as well as the best culinary gems on the island. So, with 365 beaches to uncover, here’s our guide to exploring Antigua.

 Where to explore

For those seeking fun and adventure, Galley Bay is an ideal jumping-off point (quite literally). It’s far-reaching coastline and sapphire-blue waters offer a myriad of activities, from snorkelling and kayaking to paddleboarding and sailing. Antigua is home to a range of tropical marine life, including parrotfish, octopus, squids and — to the delight of many — turtles.

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There’s an abundance of adventures awaiting travellers at Galley Bay

The resort even offers a turtle-watching programme that’s exclusive to guests, where you’ll be able to observe turtle hatchlings, monitored by the local conservation committee. It would also be remiss to forgo sailing while visiting Antigua, as this is one of the island’s favoured activities. At Galley Bay, you can embark on a leisurely cruise with one of the resort’s professionals or take matters into your own hands and explore the coastline by catamaran — an experience you’re unlikely to forget.

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Sailing is one of the best ways to experience Antigua

On land, there’s a host of activities for you, too. The resort offers guests a private tennis court to practise their skills, with lessons available daily. Other sports include croquet, table tennis and beach volleyball — perfect for couples to work up some good-natured competition. Antigua’s wildlife and natural beauty deserves soaking in. Spare some time to discover the wonders of the resort’s cycling, jogging or walking trails and encounter all the biodiversity that the island has to offer.

Where to luxuriate

While Antigua is an island made for adventure, it’s white sandy beaches and clear blue ocean have seemingly been created to induce relaxation. It’s imperative to spend some time lazing on the beach, allowing the soothing waves to lull in a state of bliss. Alternatively, you can make the most of the endless space by practising your backstroke in the warm Caribbean Sea (and be sure to stick around for a sunset or two).

Beach-front rooms at Galley Bay Resort & Spa

When it comes to rest and relaxation, Galley Bay goes all out. The Yoga Pavilion sits right on the coastline, so you can embrace tranquillity while gazing out at the views. Meanwhile, at Indulge Spa, guests are encouraged to relax their bodies and rejuvenate their minds. Bespoke programmes of signature treatments await here, from facial therapies and aromatherapy cocoons to after-sun wraps and reflexology treatments.

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Yoga Pavilion at Galley Bay

Leaving the resort feeling anything like you did upon your arrival is simply not an option. And luxury is truly embraced through the resort’s accommodations, with a variety of rooms and suits available to suit families, couples and newlyweds. Nothing says luxury more than a room that opens directly onto the shore.

Where to eat

Food is something that’s taken very seriously at Galley Bay — and it’s important to the team that guests can sample the array of incredible cuisine that Antigua is known for.

Beginning with its weekly Caribbean barbecue, the resort encourages guests to indulge in its traditional offering of ribs, steak, kingfish and chicken. A farm-to-table experience is championed here, and the resort has its very own organic garden to harvest its produce. Guests are even invited to experience the garden for themselves and learn about the process behind Galley Bay’s signature dishes.

Farm-to-table experiences are championed at Galley Bay

Beside the garden lies Galley Bay’s Hydroponic Greenhouse, which allows the resort to optimise water usage. Meanwhile, the 13-acre soil farm has been designed to eliminate the resort’s carbon footprint – as this prevents Galley Bay from having to ship produce over from foreign farms.

A delectable evening tipple is advisable, with four lounges and bars available for guests to peruse. From handcrafted cocktails to alcohol-free beverages, there’s an array of options to choose from, and the resort’s manager even hosts a weekly cocktail party that allows guests to mingle, sample hors d’oeuvres and delight in the tropical sea breeze — a feeling you’ll immediately crave upon your return.

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Galley Bay Resort & Spa

A destination with lush tropical greenery, endless picturesque beaches and a myriad of activities to enjoy, Antigua presents a holiday to cherish, and Galley Bay’s promise of intimate luxury combined a commitment to sustainable tourism will ensure that your experience is truly memorable. Discover the resort at

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