Celebrities Kim Kardashian and Hailey Bieber at LA's Erewhon Supermarket

The UK’s answer to Erewhon, the LA supermarket A-list celebs love

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LA’s most hyped grocery store is making waves on TikTok, thanks in part to the likes of celebrity-endorsed smoothies and $30 (£24) bags of ice. As it’s not located in the UK, here are the best alternatives that we’ve found in London

For those who aren’t already aware, Erewhon (pronounced err-wan, according to Google) is a cult-like supermarket that’s become synonymous with the LA lifestyle and is pretty much a cultural phenomenon in its own right.

It’s not somewhere that us regular folk would simply go to grab some eggs and milk. It’s more of a lifestyle experience, where shoppers and health-food fanatics can stock up on the likes of raw cow’s milk, sea moss gel and fruits and vegetables that almost look fictitious.

At Erewhon’s in-house cafes and ‘tonic bars’, you’ll find smoothies endorsed by the likes of Hailey Bieber, Miranda Kerr and Sofia Richie Grange, while products from celebrity-backed brands such as Kourtney Kardashian’s Lemme and Bella Hadid’s Kin Euphorics line the walls. Local DJs curate the in-house playlists and A-list fans include the likes of Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Kaia Gerber.

There’s currently ten Erewhon locations, all in Los Angeles County’s most prestigious locations, including Calabasas, Pacific Palisades and Beverly Hills. In 2021, the New York Times described it as LA’s ‘hottest hangout’, and it’s also said to have been the inspiration for the store in the Netflix series, You.

Erewhon was started by Michio and Aveline Kushi, former students of George Ohsawa, who was the founder of the modern macrobiotic movement (a diet that advocates eating local whole foods and avoiding things like meat and sugar). They opened the first store in Boston in 1966, and although the original location didn’t survive, the branches in LA have certainly reached cult status.

Some have dubbed the chain as pretentious, and one article described it as ‘everything that’s bad about LA’ (kinda harsh). But whether you love or hate the idea of Erewhon, it’s undeniable that most of us would like to take a peek in one if we could. If you can’t make it over to the US to do so, here are the closest alternatives in London…




In our search to find the UK’s answer to Erewhon, Panzer’s is the closest option we found. Situated in northwest London’s prestigious St John’s Wood, Panzer’s sources ‘the best and newest products’ from around the globe. The Jewish deli has been in business since 1944 and has become a London institution. Here, you can stock up on American grocery items (Oreo cereal, anyone?), as well as fruit and vegetables and fancy pantry goods such as organic honeys and jams. The best thing about Panzer’s is its in-store deli, where you can buy what are perhaps the best bagels in London — we recommend the smoked salmon with cream cheese and pickles. With just one London location, it might not be logical to do your full food shop here if you’re not close by, but it’s definitely worth a trip on a day out. Plus, if you’re visiting around a holiday or date of significance, the store is usually decked out with decorations — Salma Hayek was once papped outside its famous Halloween pumpkin display.
13-19 Circus Road, London NW8 6PB

High end quality organic food shop in North West Londin
Panzer’s has been recognised for more than 75 years as London’s original Jewish deli.

Daylesford comes in close second to Panzer’s when on the hunt to find London’s Erewhon, in the sense that it’s more of a lifestyle brand than just a grocery store. You may have spotted an athleisure wear-clad mum carrying a Daylesford tote bag at some point, and it remains a firm favourite among London’s elite. At its five London locations, you’ll find fresh meat, fish, fruits and vegetables (it also offers a Market Garden Vegetable Box, which allows customers to get organic produce straight from its Cotswolds farm to their door), as well as a range of lifestyle products — think candles, coffee table books and its own health and wellbeing range. Fans of the brand can even take cooking lessons led by Daylesford tutors, visit the spa or go as far to book a stay at its luxury cottages.
Various London locations

Organic health food chain store in London, UK.
Daylesford has been dubbed the ‘poshest shop in Britain’.
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Planet Organic

Planet Organic is often thought to be the UK’s first organic supermarket, with ten locations around London and UK-wide delivery available on most products. Aimed at the health-focused, the shop stocks organic fruit and vegetables, a wide range of vegetarian and vegan produce, organic cocoa and a keto range. Much like Erewhon, it has an extensive health and wellbeing offering, including speciality supplements and vitamins as well as sustainable beauty products and toiletries. Planet Organic’s ethos is to help its customers and employees live healthier lives through organic produce, and it’s also setting the standard for sustainable business throughout London with its zero edible food waste and eco-friendly packaging initiatives.
Various London locations

Planet Organic health and wellbeing in-store offering
Planet Organic is the UK’s first fully certified organic supermarket.
Whole Foods

No list of Erewhon alternatives would be complete without a mention of Whole Foods. Perhaps the most basic on this list in the sense that its probably the most popular, the American-owned company operates the largest chain of organic supermarkets in the US and Canada, as well as the UK. The first UK store opened in 2007 and has now expanded into seven stores across London. Browse through its impressive selection of US-inspired cakes and baked goods, as well as impressive fruit, vegetables and pantry staples. Its cold salad bar is a great option for lunch, at £1.75 per 100g, while its hot bar (which is £2.25 per 100g), features healthy but hearty favourites such as lasagna, chilli beef or a salmon bake, among others. The main reason to visit Whole Foods (unless you can justify doing your weekly shop here, in which case we’re very jealous) is its cheese offering, which includes an incredible truffled brie. Of course, it also stocks a wide range of health and wellbeing items, and its Kensington branch boasts an in-house florist, too. 
Various London locations

Whole Food's market organic fruit and vegetable offering.
America’s largest organic supermarket chain made its launch into the UK in 2007.
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Harrods Food Halls

While the Harrods Food Halls are not quite on par with Erewhon in terms of celebrity brands and trending items, they definitely compare in terms of price. With British heritage at their heart, the halls sell a plethora of fruits, meats and cheeses. Channel your inner Hailey Bieber with a visit to the famous juice bar, where you can choose from rambutan, prickly pear, Sicilian lemon or rainier cherry options, among others, to get your vitamin intake up. Or test out the £28 sandwich, complete with Wagyu beef, truffle and gold mustard mayo. Post-shop, beauty fanatics can head upstairs to the equally famous Harrods Beauty Halls to browse products from some of the best beauty brands in the biz.
87-135 Brompton Road, London SW1X 7XL

Food and drink goods at the famous Harrods food hall
A £28 sandwich from Harrods contains wagyu beef and gold truffle mayo.

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