Best running shoes and trainers 2024

10 of the best running shoes, plus expert tips on how to pick the right ones for you

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Whether you’re a seasoned marathon runner or running newbie, wearing the right trainers can have a huge impact on your performance and recovery, from improving your running form and technique to supporting your feet to prevent injuries.

When it comes to buying running shoes, there’s an abundance to choose from — with a host of different styles, price tags features to boot — so it can be difficult to know where to start.

We spoke to Holly Haywood, lead personal trainer at Third Space, and Tim Kelly, marathon runner and coach who works with Brooks Running, for some top tips on what to consider when shopping for running shoes, plus we share our top 10 pairs below.

A man and woman are jogging on wooden decking side by side, photographed from the waist down
Best running trainers for men and women
What to consider when buying running shoes

“Think of running shoes like toothbrushes — they’re so individual to you,” says Holly. She suggests a gait analysis — having someone look at how you run to suggest the best shoe and fit for your individual needs (places like Runners Need offer this).

According to Tim, the first thing to consider is what surface you’ll be running on: “If you’re running on the road or treadmill, road running shoes are most suitable, but if you plan to hit local offroad routes, trail running shoes are best.”

It’s also important to consider the type of running you’ll be doing, as most running shoes are designed for specific styles — for example speed, long-distance or racing.

According to Brooks Running, running shoes come in two distinct styles — neutral and support. Neutral is a great style for runners with “medium or normal arches and commonly offer midsole cushioning and support for added shock absorption”. Support, she explains, is an ideal style for those with “mild to severe overpronation with low/flat arches. They feature medical support to keep your foot/arch from collapsing inward”.

Budget and aesthetics are, of course, other important factors to consider, as well as weather-proof features and durability, depending on when and where you’ll be wearing them.

How should running shoes fit?

“Ensure there’s enough room between your toes and the front of the shoes (about a thumb’s width) and enough room to wiggle and spread your toes widely while running,” Tim recommends. “Tingling or numbness in the toes is a sign your shoes fit too tight — but make sure they’re not too big as your feet will end up sliding around while running.”

How long do running shoes last?

Holly and Tim recommend replacing your running shoes after running around 300 to 500 miles. Running shoes with gripping soles, bounce and comfortable cushioning will ensure your feet are protected, minimising the chance of injuries and maximising performance.

How much does a good pair of running shoes cost?

“Running shoes can vary in price depending on what specifically you’re looking for and what you want to use them for,” Tim explains. On the whole, the more you pay, the better the shoe. Holly adds: “They can be expensive but if there’s anything to invest in, it’s running shoes!”

Here’s our selection of the best running shoes, including options for beginners, long-distancers and racers. Plus, we’ve got trainers ranging from £88 to £260, so there’s something for every budget.

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A woman appears to stamp on the camera in orange Cloudmonster trainers
Cloudmonster women’s running shoes

The best running shoes in 2024: our top 10 picks 

Best trainers for beginner runners: On Cloudmonster

This combination of Speedboard technology and CloudTec cushioning makes for powerful take-offs and soft landings, enabling you to run faster for longer while reducing muscle fatigue. A versatile shoe, these are made from durable recycled materials that are breathable and temperature resistant; perfect for any distance. £160, On

Best trainers for everyday running: Hoka Mach 6

Improve your speed and maximise performance with Hoka’s running shoe. The lightweight design with a creel jacquard upper and internal gusset provides an efficient push-off to your daily runs and long-lasting comfort when clocking up the miles. The trainers offer neutral support and are available in various colours. £140, Hoka

Best shoes for preventing running injuries: Asics Gel Nimbus 26

Asics’ PureGel technology and soft FF Blast Plus Eco foam ensure maximum shock absorption, reducing impact on your joints to prevent injuries. The cushioned design has a breathable upper to keep feet cool and comfortable and each colour option has reflective details for visibility in low light conditions. £180, Asics

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A black and pink Blissfeel 2 Women's Running Shoe face each other
Blissfeel 2 Women’s Running Shoe
Best women-only designed trainers: Lululemon Blissfeel 2

Designed exclusively for women’s biomechanics, these running shoes provide a supportive and firm fit for daily mileage. The seamless upper brings breathability while on the move, with soft cushioning for the ultimate flexibility and comfort. Available in multiple colours. £118, Lululemon

Best all-round running shoe: Nike Pegasus 40

These running shoes feature Nike React Technology to deliver a smooth landing, with comfortable cushioning thanks to the lightweight and durable foam. Ideal for both long distances and short sprints, their moulded fit provides neutral support and optimal comfort, especially for toes and arches. £119.99, Nike

Best trainers for racing: New Balance FuelCell Supercomp Elite V4

Smash your PB in these trainers. Thanks to its thin carbon plate and FuelCell midsole, this lightweight design is ideal for race day running. They’ll provide a smooth transition from heel to toe, keeping you moving fast and ensuring a close fit to your feet for the ultimate support. £260, New Balance

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The feet of a man trail running on a rock
Altra Lone Peak 8 trail running shoes
Best shoes for trail running: Altra Lone Peak 8

Tackle all terrains in these running shoes, designed with their signature MaxTrac outsole for a powerful grip and traction for stability. They feature a roomy toebox and a durable mesh upper for comfort and longevity and are finished with Altra EGO midsole foam for a cushioned, responsive landing. £130, Altra

Best trainers for long-distance running: Brooks Glycerin 21

Get maximum support and load up the distance with this smooth design and comfortable fit. Featuring nitrogen-infused DNA Loft technology cushioning, they provide the ultimate bounce and comfort when running, and the sturdy sole will keep you on your feet for longer. Available in various colours. £165, Brooks

Best running shoes for speed: Adidas Adizero Prime X 2.0 Strung

Up your speed and performance in these running shoes, complete with a new Lightstrike Pro core (framed by two 50mm carbon-infused plates) for quick responsiveness. The foam will reduce the impact on your joints and the strung upper and knitted tongue will guarantee strength and support. £250, Adidas

Best budget trainers: Puma Velocity Nitro 3

These running shoes will save you from overstretching your credit card while still offering optimal performance. The Nitrofoam will provide maximum cushioning for road running, igniting your energy and increasing your comfort. The soles have good traction and grip to prevent unwanted injuries and the increased stack height will keep you bouncing for longer. £88, Sports Direct

Written by Cordelia Aspinall

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