Five healthy eating podcasts to listen to now

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Eat with your ears with these five food podcasts, which cover all things nutrition

Whether you want to learn about foods that could help you concentrate or are keen to discover handy dieting tips, it’s always best to listen to the experts. Check out our favourite food podcasts hosted by doctors and medical professionals.

Food For Thought

Founder of London’s Harley Street clinic Rhitrition, nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert and her team help patients tackle weight management, eating disorders and pre- and post-natal diets. So, it may come as no surprise that her chart-topping podcast focuses on similar topics. In it, she invites guests to separate the facts from the fiction in order to simplify the world of nutrition. Food For Thought is particularly great for those looking to lose weight, with conversations covering calorie counting fads, workouts and the science behind sports nutrition. The ‘bitesize’ episodes make for easy listening, too.

Our favourite episode: Why fibre isn’t a fad (08/05/2023)

ZOE Science and Nutrition

ZOE, meaning ‘life’ in Greek, is a health science company that conducts scientific research to discover the impact food has on the human body. Hosted by its CEO Jonathan Wolf, ZOE Science and Nutrition leans into the biochemical reactions food induces in the body and invites leading scientists to explain new research in a comprehensive way. The podcast library is divided into hour-long episodes and ‘shorts’ — 20-minute instalments debunking diet myths, such as whether omega-3 supplements are actually worth it. Recent conversations have delved into the science behind processed food, protein bulking and weight-loss drugs.

Our favourite episode: Your gut is full of bugs: why this is great news (16/05/2022)

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The Doctor’s Kitchen

Dr Rupy Aujla firmly believes food can be as powerful as medicine, and his weekly podcast invites professors and psychologists to shed light on how nutrition can affect our body. Having worked as a GP in London for many years, Aujla has become a leading voice in the nutrition field, with several appearances on TV, including ITV’s This Morning, as well as podcasts and videos for his 320k-strong audience on Instagram. The Doctor’s Kitchen podcast covers a variety of topics, including how Western diets could inhibit focus, how to charge your metabolism, and which foods could reduce polycystic ovary syndrome symptoms, which features an interview with a gynaecologist.

Our favourite episode: Fix your PCOS with Dr Nitu Bajekal (10/05/2023)

The Food Medic

What started as a university blog has since transformed into a five-star-podcast with more than six million downloads. Host Dr Hazel Wallace has three bestselling books under her belt, with content focusing on the diet’s role in preventing disease and health conditions — a passion that started at the age of 14 when she lost her father to a stroke. Her podcast, The Food Medic, is all about education, covering a range of dietary topics such as explaining keto, how to lower cholesterol safely and intermittent fasting.

Our favourite episode: How food can support your mental health (27/02/2023)

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The Nourished Child

Perfect for parents, The Nourished Child focuses on nutrition, providing helpful tips on how little ones can get the most out of their food. The podcast was founded by paediatric dietitian Jill Castle, who noticed a gap in parental knowledge surrounding children’s food and exercise. Her helpful conversations with health professionals cover everything from picky eaters and plant-based diets to body image and youth sports. Plus, you’ll pick up some practical tips to help tackle children’s common misbehaviours around diet, too.

Our favourite episode: Transform your parenting and feeding triggers (08/09/2022)

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