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Five efficient dehumidifiers to suit every budget

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Offset excess moisture, prevent mould and even dry laundry faster with one of these damp-absorbing devices

In the cold winter months, damp inside the home can become more of an issue, bringing with it an increased risk of mould and bacteria that can impact health and comfort. On top of that, a humid indoor environment can mean laundry takes longer to dry, compounding damp in the air.

A dehumidifier combats excess moisture and can help improve the air you breathe. Here are our top five dehumidifiers to suit different budgets.

Best for small rooms: Conopu Dehumidifier 1000ml

Kitchens and bathrooms are often more prone to dampness, as these rooms have running water. Capable of removing up to 450ml of water a day, a portable dehumidifier like the Conopu 1000ml is a cost-effective way to battle moisture that can come from plumbing or appliances such as the washing machine and fridge.

An auto-off switch ensures the water tank won’t overflow, while an additional filter removes dust to help clean the air. With energy-saving Peltier technology that keeps operations at a sound level of 39dB, it can be left running overnight without disturbing sleep.

Available on Amazon at £49.99.

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A woman changes the water container of a dehumidifier.
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Dehumidifier with air purifier: MeacoDry Arete One 20L Dehumidifier

This best-selling dehumidifier from an award-winning manufacturer not only extracts excess moisture, but its medical-grade HEPA filter also cleans the air of dust and other particulates that can affect allergies and sensitivities. An intelligent humidity control checks moisture levels every half hour to optimise its fan performance, helping to save energy.

The smart laundry mode directs fan power and can automatically turn off after six hours, offering an energy-efficient way to dry clothes. Able to extract up to 20 litres of water every 24 hours — with options to use the 4.8-litre tank or a supplied hose for continuous drainage — this is a great option for larger homes. The five-year warranty exceeds the industry standard.

Available on Amazon at £389.90.

Best for low temperatures: EcoAir DD1 Simple Blue MK3

Rooms without heating, such as garages, basements or offices, can benefit from dessicant dehumidifiers like this model from EcoAir, designed to operate in indoor temperatures below 10C. It can extract up to 7.5 litres of moisture at temperatures as low as 1C, with a two-litre tank capacity or the option to plumb into permanent drainage with the included one-metre hose.

There’s a laundry mode plus a quiet mode for operation at just 34dB. A built-in ioniser and silver filter help to clean the air of dust.

Available on Amazon at £235.98.

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A small dehumidifier by a window next to a houseplant in a home.
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Best for confined spaces: Aironic Rechargeable Mini Dehumidifier

Excess moisture can gather in confined spaces such as behind cabinets and wardrobes or in the car. Rechargeable and wireless, this mini-dehumidifier from Aironic is an easy, cost-effective way to combat damp in those hard-to-reach places, including drawers that might escape the attention of a room dehumidifier.

It silently absorbs moisture from the air without needing to be plugged in, thanks to renewable silica gel technology. Once the gel crystals reach moisture capacity, an indicator window changes colour. Overnight mains-charging regenerates the silica gel, providing an alternative to single-use moisture-absorbing boxes.

Available on Amazon at £24.95 for two-pack.

Best for mid-sized homes: ProBreeze 12L/Day Dehumidifier

This high-performance dehumidifier can remove up to 12 litres of water a day, while an in-built humidity sensor detects moisture levels and adjusts fan operations to quickly reach desired humidity.

There’s an increased fan speed for drying laundry, while the sleep mode uses a lower fan speed for quieter operation. A 24-hour timer can be used to automatically set operating times, and a child-lock means kids can’t tamper with settings. The supplied hose can continuously empty moisture into a drain or container, otherwise the two-litre tank (larger than many comparable models) should enable uninterrupted water connection throughout the day.

Available on Amazon at £209.99.

Words by Natasha Stokes
Main image: Photo 148348358 © Mariia Boiko |

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