Baby proof

Keep your home safe and sound with these smartproducts

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Expecting a new arrival to the family, or just looking to make a few home safety improvements? Give yourself extra peace of mind with these products designed to prevent common accidents at home and protect your family’s health

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), every week, at least one child under the age of five is killed in the UK in an accident, and more than 75% of these fatal accidents happen in the home. While we can’t wrap our children up in cotton wool (however much we may want to), there are some great products out there that can offer an added layer of protection, alongside parental supervision. Here are five we recommend — from a baby safety gate to a high-tech, camera-equipped baby monitor so you can keep tabs on your little one whilst allowing them space to grow, explore and rest.

The oven guard

The Dreambaby Stove Top Guard makes your kitchen safer by putting a protective polycarbonate barrier between your little ones and hot stove tops, burners, pots and pans. Helping to protect children from burns, scalds and gas leaks, they’re transparent, heatproof and easily attached to stove tops or benches without interfering with your cooking. £22.90;

The baby gate

The Lindam by Munchkin Extending Natural Wood Wall Fix safety gate is constructed from strong natural hardwood and features a one- or two-way opening for maximum flexibility and safety. The extra wide walk-through section and no step over bar makes it ideal for use at the top or bottom of the stairs, while the patented tilt and lift handle action is easy for opening with one hand. Easy to install, the quick release fittings allow the baby gate to be removed and replaced quickly without the need for tools. £49.99;

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The must-have starter pack

An essential for every family home with young children, the Fred Safety Starter Pack features seven individually designed safety products to protect against risks common to most homes, plus a tool for checking small objects that represent a choking hazard for a child. The pack includes 17 safety products, including one top draw catch, two lower draw catches, one multi-purpose block, one double door block, four corner protectors, six socket covers, one door slam stopper and one choke tester. £29.99;

The essential alarm

Even if your home is supplied and heated only with electrical appliances, you and your family could still be at possible risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from neighbours. Carbon monoxide can seep through walls as well as from adjoining garages that house vehicles and petrol-fuelled equipment such as lawnmowers. The 10-year Kidde digital display carbon monoxide alarm shows carbon monoxide readings that are taken every 15 seconds, indicating any changes in CO levels. The alarm can be wall mounted or free standing and comes with an end-of-life warning signal to alert you when the alarm needs replacing. £24.50;

The baby monitor

Track your baby’s oxygen level, heart rate, and sleep trends while streaming high-quality HD video to your phone with the new Owlet Duo Smart Sock 3 & Cam 2 Baby Monitor. It comes with enhanced night vision, a 130-degree wide-angle, 4x digital zoom, and two-way audio all over a secure, encrypted WiFi connection. Notifications from the Smart Sock Plus will immediately send to the Base Station and Owlet App if your child’s readings leave pre-set oxygen and heart rate zones, and the Cam 2 will complement these alerts by providing helpful sound, motion and cry notifications with video clips. £399;

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Words by Becci Knowles

Baby proof

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