Give your home a rustic feel with a country kitchen

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If ultra-modern kitchens leave you feeling cold, bring the warmth of a country kitchen into your inner-city home with these timeless staples

New builds benefit from mod cons, but there’s no denying the timeless appeal of traditional country chic. Whilst an actual view of the countryside from your windows might help, it’s by no means imperative for achieving that rustic feel. If, like us, you spend hours idly scrolling Pinterest or browsing home inspiration mags whilst picturing your dream kitchen in the French countryside, you’ll want to add these charming yet practical items to bring your dream to life. Shop our favourites below.

Scale up

A traditional kitchen scale is a must for rustling up the tasty treats synonymous with a country kitchen. Made from cast iron and boasting a brass scoop and fittings, these heavyweight Victor scales are a hardy piece of kitchenware that will evoke a feeling of nostalgia for a bygone era. Not only are they practical for all of your cooking needs and built to last, but they’re aesthetically pleasing, too. A set of churn-shaped brass metric weights are available separately and come complete with storage stand. £115,

Sprinkle some dots

Bridgewater pottery is a modern classic and nothing beats the hand-sponged polka dot collection for style and simplicity. Hardwearing basics such as dinner plates, bowls and mugs are widely available, with limited edition collectors’ items added each year. The distinctive shape and design of Bridgewater pieces look fabulous when displayed en masse on a dresser or plate rack and exude authentic country chic. Aprons and oven gloves in the polka dot design complete a matchy-matchy look that perfectly straddles country kitchen and urban living. If one thing’s for certain, it’s that your tableware will be a thing of envy. £18,

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Reinstate the cuckoo clock

The homeliest country kitchens — and the ones spanning our Pinterest boards — often have a collection of quirky knickknacks dotted around the place. Unusual additions like these traditional cuckoo clocks can make a kitchen feel warm and welcoming. Handcrafted in Germany’s Black Country region by established manufacturers such as Anton Schneider and Rombach & Haas, these beautiful chiming timepieces (some complete with moving parts) will get your guests talking and become an heirloom for future generations. Check authenticity by looking for the Association of the Black Forest Clock trademark. £235,

Go for gingham

Soft furnishings are perfect for taking the harsh edge off a sterile modern kitchen, with cheery checkered gingham a long-time favourite of the country set. These lightweight red and white curtains with a ruffled pelmet by Alan Symonds give texture and depth, and the matching tiebacks add gentle curves to an angular kitchen. What’s more, the plush gingham seat pads will bring comfort and country style to your next dinner party. £17.99,

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Air it out

Putting the fun into functional, the original Sheila Maid is a staple item for any farmhouse kitchen. Pulley clothes driers have been used since the 18th century and the iconic design of the Sheila Maid, along with its reputation, has ensured it remains as popular now as ever. Use on laundry day to make a minimalist modern kitchen feel lived in or add fishhooks to hang pans from for a clever storage solution. There’s a range of trims available, so you can coordinate with your colour scheme, but if you’re looking for a truly authentic country look, go for the original lacquered cast iron. £66,

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