A woman surfs the internet with super-fast 4G download speeds.

The best 4G routers to buy in 2022

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Don’t get bogged down with research, take your pick of our top four 4G mains-powered SIM routers in the UK in 2022.

With flexi-working allowing more people to work from home long term, many are discovering the need for faster broadband on both download and upload speeds, in addition to ensuring coverage wherever they are in the home.

Below is our pick of four the best 4G routers to help get you connected and working from home seamlessly.

A young woman surfs the internet on her MacBook via a 4G router.
4G router. © Vlada Karpovich
1. TP-Link TL-MR6400

This is a 300Mbps 4G mobile wi-fi router with SIM slot unlocked to all networks and no configuration required. It also has removable external wi-fi antennas. You can share your 4G LTE network with multiple wi-fi devices (up to 32) and enjoy download speeds of up to 150Mbps. Buy it here.

2. Huawei B628-265

This router can connect up to 64 wi-fi enabled devices on the same network, making it ideal for offices, large households or small businesses. It boats super-fast 4G download speeds of 600Mbps and upload speeds of 100Mbps — adopting 4×4 MIMO, the device doubles the peak LTE speed. It supports VOIP and includes two external antenna ports as well as two gigabit ethernet ports, so you’re able to connect more wired devices to achieve the best speeds. Unlocked to all networks, it comes with a free Smarty SIM card should you need it. Buy it here.

3. D-Link DWR-9214G LTE Router

Simply insert your SIM/USIM card into this router and share your 4G LTE or 3G internet connection through a secure wireless network or any of the four ethernet ports. The DWR-921 4G LTE Router is designed with constant connection in mind and the dual-band 4G LTE and 3G support allows automatic 3G connection if the 4G signal strength becomes low. It offers download speeds of up to 150Mbps and upload speeds of up to 50Mbps. Buy it here.

4. ZyXEL 4G LTE-A Indoor WiFi Router

This 4G LTE Router lets you connect up to 64 wi-fi enabled devices on the same network and includes two external antenna ports, to improve your connection further (and supports VoIP/VoLTE). It employs 3GPP UE downlink category 12 technology with data rates of up to 600/100Mbps through built-in 4×4 MIMO high-performance antennas. Buy it here.

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